My Favorite Sourdough Books

These are two of my favorite sourdough books that helped me learn various techniques for sourdough baking such as how to stretch and fold the dough to build gluten and how to shape the dough. I will update this list as I explore more sourdough recipe books.

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My favorite sourdough book for learning techniques

Tartine Bread by Chad Roberston is the book I’ve found most useful for learning in detail about the sourdough bread making process. It is useful both beginners and advanced bakers. It teaches everything from how to make your own starter to how to bake your first loaf in great detail with many photos at every step. I particularly love the photos showing how to stretch and fold your dough.

The Tartine sourdough method is very reliable and straight forward for all levels of bakers. Plus, you can make delicious bread that tastes just like the bread at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco!

Also, I recently purchased Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie O’Hara. This book is not only for sourdough recipes. I made her Intermediate Sourdough, and it turned out amazing. Her instructions are easy and straight forward.

My favorite sourdough book for more advanced recipes

For recipes with a wider variety of flours, grains and seeds, I recommend Tartine Book No. 3 which is also by Chad Robertson. This book builds off the basics learned in Tartine Bread. It is a good book for the adventurous sourdough baker who is looking to experiment with various types of flours and grains. The instructions for the recipes are written very clearly with a lot of photos, so it is easy to follow.

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