Flour Choices for Sourdough Baking

Flour Choices for Sourdough Baking

So many flour choices for sourdough baking! What flour should I use?

It really depends on what is available to you! I usually use bread flour, whole wheat, and all-purpose flours. Sometimes, I experiment with other flours like rye and spelt, but you must have bread flour and whole wheat flour on hand!

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I am a big fan of these flours:

  • Central Milling (https://centralmilling.com)
    • This flour is great for very bubble crusts! I love their High Mountain and Artisan Bakers Craft Plus
    • Recently, I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter with their Organic Hard White Whole Wheat flour
    • It is sold online on their website and sometimes at Costco if you’re lucky!
    • Here is an example of a whole wheat loaf made with Central Milling flour.
  • King Arthur Flour (https://www.kingarthurflour.com)
    • Their whole wheat and bread flour are great and available at most grocery stores!
    • Good for your everyday flour needs
  • Trader Joe’s brand flours
    • The Trader Joe’s flours are usually very good quality.
    • Easily available if you leave near a Trader Joe’s
  • Rice flour for your banneton or bowl

High quality flour is important for producing sourdough loaves with crispy crusts and delicious texture. Some sourdough bakers even mill their own flour! I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe I will one day soon.

What are you favorite flour choices for sourdough baking?

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